2016 Awards Evening

On the 21st of January the club held it’s annual awards night, where trophies are awarded to those who have improved their diving skills, best photography ad to those who have volunteered their time at the club.

A big thank you to all those who attended and a special thanks goes to Helen Hay for organising the evening and congratulations to all our award winners.

Helen receiving the above water photography award from club chairman Paul Daniels

Photo Competition:

Andy Hay receiving the British waters photography award from diving officer Helen Hay

Overseas Winner -Andy Hay

Above Water Winner – Helen Hay

British Waters – Andy Hay

The Wettest Diver award winner goes to the club member who has completed the most dives throughout the year, congratulations to Andy Hay!

Over the course of the year several members achieved new qualifications.

Congratulations to Ben McMillan, Daisy Killian, Julija Boultone, Susanna Kallionen who acquired their Ocean Diver qualifications and to Caroline Hay who achieved her Dive Leader qualification.

Most promising diver Daisy Killian and diving officer Helen Hay

The Most Promising Diver award goes to the person who always has a positive attitude, who has impressed the instructors during
training and has shown real enthusiasm to her diving. Congratulations to Daisy Killian

The Dolphins Award is awarded to the person or individual effort or efforts in several areas.

Club chairman Paul Daniels and equipment officer Andy Hay

This person is the back bone of the club, the go to person for information who undertakes a lot of training including theory lessons, pool and open water training.

This person has stopped counting the number of divers they have signed off over the past 30 years and is also our much valued club equipment officer – congratulations Andy Hay.

Last but not least is the Rose Bowl award given to the club person of the year. This person has dedicated a lot of his spare time to building our very own training room within the club house. It has taken over 4 months and cost £1200.00 to build. New lighting, light switches, 80 metres of cable and 14 sheets of plywood had to be installed to create the class room.

Club chairman Paul Daniels and club person of the year John Zammet-Haber

We are very please to announce that John Zammet-Haber is the club person of the year.    

A special recognition also went to Andrew Evans who stepped down as club chairman after 7 years of service.

The club has seen a lot of change during Andrews chairmanship including the downsizing of the club house and the building of the new training room.

We would like to thank Andrew for his years of service by making him an honorary club member, Andrew has accepted the role of club treasurer so will still play an active roll in the clubs future.