Plymouth Trip 10/11th September 2016


The DO, Helen Hay just posted the following:
“Great weekend down in Plymouth, got Ben and Daisy in for their first British water dives. Saturday wind only enabled us to stay inside breakwater however today we got to the Scyilla and James Eagan Layne. Fantastic to do them again after a few years of not getting down to Plymouth. Amazing how much life there is now all over the Syilla and how different (collapsed) James Eagan Layne is.
Well done to all and to Paul for organising this trip.”

A whole weekend of fun including  4 hardboat dives can’t be bad. Using the Mountbatten Watersports and Activity centre as the base of operations, members of Leamington and Warwick SAC enjoyed some decent weather if a little windy as the British summer draws to an end.