Stoney in August / ADP course

You might wonder why in the middle of summer, I ended up in the quarry at Stoney Cove near Leicester cialis in ungarn. So did I.

On this occasion it was to help out on a West Midlands BSAC regional SDC called ADP or Accelerated Decompression Procedures. The course teaches the safe use of oxygen rich mixes of Nitrox, between 50% and 80% O2,  to allow you to reduce the lenght it takes to get out of the water after a longer or deeper dive.

“Longer, safer bottom times and optimum decompression using rich mixes on Accelerated Decompression Procedures course.

Building on the foundation of Nitrox knowledge contained within Ocean Diver and Sports Diver training, the ADP course develops this knowledge and in particular highlights the benefits that can be gained from using high oxygen mixtures to improve the efficiency of off gassing during decompression stops. This course takes your diving to a higher level.”

This “deco gas” is carried in a separate cylinder so needs some getting used to in terms of balance and accessibility to enable you to swap regulators while doing your stops at 9 or 6 metres as you are coming up.

The ADP is a great course to aim for if you are already a confident Sport diver and know you want to progress further along the route to Technical Diving.