Club Kit & Facilities

Our club is fully equipped with everything a diver or trainee might want.  In 2015 we introduced new aqualungs thanks to a lottery grant and the new kit is being enjoyed by new members for initial training, keeping costs low. But we have loads more in our facilities…

Construction underway

Construction of a dedicated meeting and classroom is well underway allowing us to carry out our own training lectures. Our clubhouse is situated only 5 minutes away from our pool and is easily accessible from the centre of town

“With our own compressor for air fills, our own boat and full navigational aids, we have every tool required from basic to expedition planning and diving.”

Double filtration, our air filling station is a valuable asset and great for Nitrox top ups

Our compressor is regularly serviced and has full log and compliance to air purity standards. In fact we do run compressor operator courses to make sure anyone interested to learn more on the safe handling of compressed air can learn to do so.

Our compressor has been very reliable and offers “clean air” up to 200 bars with ease.

The Humber Rib and 60HP outboard can get our divers out to local sites in good time. Fully equipped with safety and navigational gear. Perfect for 4 to 6 divers max.

The branch Rib