Ocean Diver Training

Training for this grade is aimed at those new to the sport of scuba diving. Ocean Diver is the first of a series of BSAC diving qualifications that can be obtained via our branch.

“The Ocean Diver training course includes theory lessons in a classroom, practical lessons in a swimming pool or similar sheltered water area, theory assessment and open water dives.”

Theory Training

The course begins with a series of seven theory lessons, which take place at our clubhouse:

  1.  Introduction to BSAC, our BSAC branch, and the Ocean Diver training course
  2. Diving equipment and signals
  3. The human body and the effects of diving
  4. Planning to go diving
  5. Going diving
  6. What happens if … ?
  7. Enjoying your diving

Sheltered Water Training

“Intermixed with the theory lessons, students will also begin a series of scuba diving sessions in our local swimming pool. These lessons are designed to prepare the student for the open water environment and therefore contain essential practical skills:”

  1. Being underwater
  2. Basic skills
  3. Developing skills
  4. Beyond the basics
  5. Safety skills


The ocean diver theory now consists of five multiple choice questions at the end of each lecture. These are marked immediately, but are checked against the pass percentage as one single paper.

Open Water Training

“Open water dives provide the student with an opportunity to put into practice the theory and practical elements learned in the classroom and sheltered water.”

In Ocean Diver training, the emphasis is on building a sound foundation of open water diving skill and experience through a series of five open water experience dives supervised by a BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructor:

5 X Open water dives

“Students will also have to experience at least four different diving conditions (e.g. drift dive, shore dive, low visibility, large boat dive, small boat dive, etc) during a total in-water diving time of no less than 120 minutes.”


Successful completion of the above course will result in the qualification of the student as a BSAC Ocean Diver, with the knowledge to safely take part in diving activities with other qualified divers up to 20 metres depth on no-decompression dives, in suitable conditions. The student will also be able to dive on 32 and 36% nitrox mixes after receiving their BSAC nitrox card.

Next Steps…

Further develop your skills and experience by progressing to the Sport Diver course.