Club Committee & Members

Andy Hay, Chairman & Equipment Officer

In his Salty Locker, our Chairman & Equipment Officer keeps the compressor going, the gear in order, trainees kitted out. He is an Advanced Diver and NQI Open Water Instructor.

Helen Hay, DO & TO
Diving & Training Officer, Helen Hay is a BSAC Advanced Instructor and NQI Scuba Instructor. One of the  long standing  members, she draws on her experience to oversee the safe diving conduct of our branch.

Andrew Evans, Treasurer

Treasurer, Andrew Evans is a very experienced member of the branch and is currently the club treasurer.

Rodger Hope

Membership secretary, Roger has the task of leading the recruitment drive and keeping all our forms up to date.

BSAC 217 crew out in force on the Oban 2016 trip