Sport Diver Training

“The  second of a series of BSAC diving qualifications that can be obtained via our branch. The Sport Diver course is designed to improve upon the basic skills already learnt by the trainee whilst at the same time adding more advanced skills into the mix.”

Theory Training

The course begins with a series of six theory lessons, which take place at our clubhouse:

  1.  Sport Diving
  2.  Diver rescue
  3. Equipment & Techniques
  4. Planning for deeper diving
  5. Air Planning & systems
  6. Going diving

Sheltered Water Training

Before progressing to further open-water diving the student will practice rescue skills in a sheltered water dive session. This is held at our local swimming pool.

Theory Test

“Students will need to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of what they have learnt by taking a theory test.”

Open Water Training

A series of six open water dives, supervised by a BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructor, will provide the student with an opportunity to put into practice the theory and practical elements learned in the classroom and sheltered water:

  1.  Refresher / orientiation dive (optional)
  2.  Diver rescue
  3. Use of a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)
  4. Simulated decompression dive
  5. Compass navigation and delayed SMB deployment
  6. Dive leading and basic skills review

“As part of their open water training, students will also have to experience at least five different diving conditions (e.g. drift dive, shore dive, shot line dive, low visibility, large boat dive, small boat dive, etc), during a total in-water diving time of no less than 150 minutes since obtaining the Ocean Diver qualification.”

Dry Practical Lesson

The student will experience the role of Assistant Dive Marshal by maintaining a dive log and understanding the relevance and importance of the information recorded for safe buddy pairing and adequate dive monitoring.


Successful completion of the above course will result in the qualification of the student as a BSAC Sports Diver.

The Sports Diver once qualified can progressively increase their experience of depth from an initial limit of 20m to a maximum of 35m decompression dives under the supervision of a BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructor.

Next Steps

Why not expand your skills and experience by becoming a Dive Leader , an Instructor, or going on some Skills Development Courses?Further information about BSAC’s Diver Training Programme is available from the BSAC website.